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Hello, I'm Maruf and I am a game developer in itch.io where I upload my games which are easy to play games that any computer from the 2000s should be able to run. Some of my games use resources from other big developer but my games are for educational purposes only therefore I don't make any money out of it. My aim is to make good games for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PS4 and Xbox One. All of the games that I make are practice for my final game which will probably cost money. The software that I use is GameMaker Studio from YOYO Games. All of my best games are in order, the best games are at the top and the worse games are at the buttom of the page.

I started making games because I love coding and because I am making games in school as my ICT course. Because I was ahead of my classmates I started making more games, after I made the game Surface Fight people liked it and they said that I should publish it online and that's how I started.

You can check out my YouTube channel and Vimeo where I upload demos of my best and most optimised games, I suggest you to watch those videos on the my games' pages, YouTube has outdated videos.

Email: BeparyGames16@gmail.com

The website

This site and domain have been provided by Itch.io as a profile which can be used as a website as well, this site is not mobile friendly, some elements of the site are mobile friendly except for the home page. The optimum resolution for this website is between 720p (HD) to 1080p (Full HD).


Some of the games from Bepary Games use resources from other publishers. All games are for educational purposes only, however some games do do NOT use resourses from other publishers and should NOT be distributed without Bepary Games' permisions.

Published Feb 11, 2017
AuthorBepary Games